Becoming Your "Preferred Vendor".

For over 25 years we have been servicing organizations in all industries throughout Pennsylvania. When customers work with us, they end up saying, "We prefer to work with you." Our goal is to create a streamlined business process, drive strategic results and deliver technical services that exceed expectations of our clients. Our years of proven experience provides our customers with insights on a daily basis that in turn ensure they have a proactive technology environment.

How Our Business Relationship Starts

Fortec is lead by Robert B. Hicks and is located in Palmyra, PA. Throughout the years Robert has consulted with clients in every industry. By using a systematic approach to IT consulting, Robert can quickly assess your organization's needs, goals and how to drive your technology projects to a successful conclusion. There are many IT organizations in Central Pennsylvania that state they "have your covered", or that they "deliver" on their promise, but most fall short of their promises. Fortec guarantees our results.

With Fortec at the helm of your IT environment, you can rest, assured that your technology systems will be stable, updated, maintained and that your team has a reliable partner in technology. If you are even a little unsure of your current provider's service delivery methods or execution, you should give us a call. Most organizations do not understand what is "under the hood" of their IT environment, let alone know if their current provider is actually doing what they say they are. If you are unsure, email us at [email protected] or give us a call at 717-832-4173 and we will be happy to assess your current provider's service delivery and your systems at no cost to your organization.


Robert Hicks - President Fortec Solutions

Robert B. Hicks


Robert B. Hicks was born in Pittsburgh and eventually settled in Harrisburg in the mid 90's. He is a Pittsburgh Steelers fan and when time permits, spends his free time at Lake Wallenpaupak with his wife, Dr. Krista Antonis, three daughters, Victoria, Elliana, and their furry husky, Anka. As a graduate of the Art Institute of Pittsburgh, he quickly became adept at publishing, printing and computer aided design. In the early 90's, everyone who was anyone in the graphic arts field needed some type of tech support so he eventually started working on computer systems, application support, hardware support and LAN/WAN networking while at a mid sized advertising agency.  Robert was doing the daily tasks of three people at the agency, which is quite common for him, even today.

As integrating networks and infrastructure became more important, Robert was always working with organizations to provide insights into clients' IT environments. As technology adapted and changed, so did Robert's skills and client base. Robert has helped organizations streamline IT environments, create efficient work flows while communicating with existing employees, receiving their feedback and developing plans that take all users requirements into account. Robert has handled numerous negotiations between vendors, hardware companies, software companies and other technology companies throughout the years. Robert has gone head to head with the majority of local MSP's in Central Pennsylvania and typically wins by having the best solution, the best service plan and at the best price for his customers.

Robert has always been a hands on type of leader and maintains a list of technical skills in infrastructure, software, hardware, policies, regulations and most importantly, "people skills". Robert can discuss a technical issue or a solution and explain in in common terms so everyone understands what is going on. At Fortec, we take system security seriously and will ensure that all of our clients are not only protected, but also trained with insights into best practices they need to use in order to protect their employees and environments.

Technology Success Stories

Fortec won a mid sized law office from another Managed Service Provider, based out of Chambersburg PA. We found that the previous vendor lacked any insight into the organizations' infrastructure, did not maintain their back ups properly, typically did not update firmware appropriately nor did they even visit or do work at the law office that they were billing them for. Over the first month, we successfully migrated them to a new office, updated their systems, pushed the appropriate patches out and got them back on track with a more secure IT system in place.

Fortec won a non profit organization from a Managed Service Provider, based out of Chambersburg PA. Unfortunately when the customer was with the previous firm, they never showed up when asked. The customer found that using Fortec's services allows them to receive the help that they need, faster than they were receiving it from their previous provider.

Fortec helped an insurance firm develop a comprehensive disaster recovery plan. Unfortunately they had to use it a year later and was able to move their office of 50 employees in two days and were up and running with phones and networks within 24 hours.

A business continuity plan for a marketing firm in Harrisburg was put into effect during a flood. The company had to move to a new location. All of their computer systems and client operations were on track the next day.

A school district was seeking hardware for a 1:1 program. Not only did Robert provide them with the best price and leasing options, competing against CDW and other service companies, he assisted them with planning and implementing their new management environment.

A small health services organization was tight on capital and did not want to invest in more unnecessary technology. After a review of their company goals, needs and current environment, Robert was able to figure out how to eliminate the need for additional servers and reuse what they had in their environment until they had the capital to purchase new hardware two years later.

A medium sized insurance company had several custom workflow applications developed by a third party vendor. The lack of transparency and operational courtesy within the application's environment were causing tension between the vendor and the company's internal development team. This tension was pushing the application development team morale into the gutter. After meeting with the client's development team and the vendor, Robert was able to diagnose key issues and quickly negotiate new working terms between both organizations, by reworking their internal and external work flows, work processes, and communication points with both parties. Morale on both sides improved and the internal team became more productive.